Five reasons to visit Monte Carlo Resort & Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

By | June 15, 2017

If you’re like most people, then probably the first thing you think of when you her Monte Carlo is car races and a small kingdom in Europe. It is time you learned about the Monte Carlo resort in Las Vegas with these no less than five reasons to visit it, so why don’t you check them out?


For a wonderful spa experience

Going to the spa can help you relax and forget all about your worries and daily stress. You can book your spa visit either at the start of the day or in the evening, depending on how you want to start or end your day. One of the best services this spa has is the one where you can enjoy the treatment in the comfort of your room. This is particularly good for those who do not like many strangers around. You can choose from several face and body treatments as well as full body massages.


Have a meeting hosted here

There are many types of gathering that can be hosted and organized at Monte Carlo Resort. You can have up to 800 guests attending, and you can rest assured everything will be taken care of to perfection, so that the event will go seamless. You can have all the services sourced from he hotel’s staff as it is seasoned and it knows how to take care of small details that make all the difference. Of course the events can be anything from weddings to presentations and almost anything in between.


Have fun by the pool

The resort’s ow pool area is being redesigned this year, however the guests hoping to have some fun in the water benefit from special passes to the MGM Grand Pool Complex. If you’re getting hungry while you’re having fun, one of the five restaurants at the Grand Pool Complex will definitely have something to your liking. You can bring the children as well to this complex, and they benefit from lower fees. Check out the cabana rental option which gives access to additional services and benefits.


Try your luck at the casino

Just like every other hotel in Vegas, Monte Carlo also has its own casino, to make it easier and more convenient when you want to gamble. You can check out the poker room, the slot machines, or even the betting room. If you’re feeling comfortable with it, you can even get a MasterCard credit card that rewards you every time you use it inside Monte Carlo resort and casino.


Plenty of live entertainment

Almost everyone knows that Las Vegas is a city where they can not only gamble way all their money, but they can also attend various live concerts and shows. Some of those live events also take place at Monte Carlo and those interested can check out the calendar of events. Just a piece of advice: you must buy tickets in advance as the tickets to the most popular entertainers sell quickly, and you can’t attend without a ticket.