Top 10 places to visit in Killeen – Texas

By | February 12, 2017

Killeen is about 1 hour drive away from both Waco and Austin, and even though it is a small city it still has a variety of attractions for those interested in visiting it. This is a selection of 10 destinations to consider if you ever find yourself in the area.

Belton Lake
Are you interested is seeing how cavemen lived? A stop by Belton Lake might help you with it: you first go fishing and then you cook it on grills found in caves. Should the night fall, you can sleep in the cave and you’ll even have a fireplace to keep you warm. Isn’t it quite exciting?

Central Texas State Fair
This fair is held in Belton, the county seat for Bell County where Killeen is found. If you want to attend the fair, make sure to be here around Labor Day weekend, as this is when it is organized. A wide selection of competitions, games, food, and shows are some of the fair’s attractions.

Vive Les Arts Theatre
This is an artistic organization operating full time. Its crew organizes shows for both children and adults alike, and there are several of them to attend, each year. A calendar of events is also available for those interested in watching a play when in town.

Mayborn Planetarium and Space Theater
There have been many visitors and shows at this planetarium since its opening in 2003. The planetarium also organizes a wide range of programs including K-12 School programs, Laser Light Shows and Large Format Films.

Stillhouse Hollow Lake
It seems that only locals know about this beautiful lake, and it seems it is only them who know how to reach it as well. There are many walk ways to reach it, so going there is a good excuse for a short hike. The lake also has a beautiful waterfall, so bring your camera as well.

Killeen Amphitheater
Come in Killeen in early August and you’ll have the chance of attending a series of concerts organized at the Killeen Amphitheater. The best part is that you don’t have to pay to go see these concerts, so what are you still waiting for?

Texas Thunder Speedway
This attraction is near Killeen and is specially designed for those who love the adrenaline high speeds give them, just like the name suggests. Come here from May through September, each Saturday to watch or participate in various types of races.

Dana Peak Park
Most residents, and not only like to come to this park for recreational purposes while enjoying some fresh air. Among the activities allowed here we can list camping, riding bikes or horses, and hiking. There is also a boat ramp available for those who want to enjoy the lake.

Chalk Ridge Falls Hiking Trail
This trail seems to call to all serious hikers. The trail is about 5 miles long and it goes near several waterfalls. You should be warned about the suspension bridge section it features, if you’re scared of heights.

Killeen Bowlerama
Go here if you would like a bowling session or two. You can even have a private party here, or eat something if you get hungry.