Top 10 places to visit in McAllen – Texas

By | February 28, 2017

You could be wrong thinking that some cities are as boring as it gets. Hopefully this short article will determine you to change your mind. It is time to learn more things about the Southern city of McAllen, in Texas.

The Zone Park
Parents and kids alike love to come here to have some fun together as a family. The park has a few zones, hence the name, each with its own fun theme, such as miniature golf and go-karts.

The Quinta Mazatlan
Residents come to The Quinta Mazatlan especially for the good bird watching possibility. This place as erected in 1930s and its other points of interest are the sculptures depicting wildlife as well as the beautiful walk trails.

The Historic Cine El Rey Theatre
Classic movies and various concert shows in the same place can only be possible at this theater. The only thing to keep in mind is that the movie will not play at the same time with the concert. The question is: Which one do you prefer?

Bounce Inflatable Fun
Not everyone likes to get dirty in a ark while playing, therefore this center was created to help you stay clean during your favorite activity. With free wifi, healthy snacks, and an infant area, Bounce Inflatable Fun seems like the best playground you could go to to have some quality time with your little ones.

Fantasyland Skate Center Roller Skating Rink
This skating rink is opened year round because it is an indoor venue. People of all ages are encouraged to come to exercise or to learn how to skate. Public skating sessions are frequently organized. The rink is well known in the community since it opened back in 1989.

The International Museum of Art & Science
This museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian and as such it hosts traveling collections and a permanent one. Folk art and geological exhibitions are some of the attractions of this museum. As you may have guessed it, kids love coming here.

Gladys Porter Zoo
It’s possible that most kids start loving animals because of the zoos. This zoo hosts about 1,600 different animals and it is well known in the area for its efforts toward conservation. Lush tropical plants are everywhere in this zoo.

The Book Stop
With the start of electronic books, it seems that fewer and fewer people will read paperback book. Brand new books can be rather expensive, but this store sells used books. Used books means that some might be hidden gems you’ve always wanted.

La Plaza Mall
Malls offers a really convenient way of spending the day as they have everything you might need or want, including regular clothes or restaurants. Outlets and boutiques selling unique items are the main points of interest at this mall.

Mission Historical Museum
Only by coming here you will be able to learn more about the history of Texas, through old maps and various artifacts dating back to the pioneering days. The building itself dates back to 1935 and it is not a historical landmark.